A Health Update on William Fox-Pitt

Talent like William Fox-Pitt's is rare; if it weren't, everyone would be an Olympic equestrian. With greatness, however, often comes risk, and especially when greatness involves jumping over huge objects on large, unpredictable animals. Falls are relatively common, and Mr. Fox-Pitt suffered one at the World Young Horse Championships in Lion D'Angers.

We're happy to say that Mr. Fox-Pitt is back in the saddle, and we're inspired by his dedication to his sport in spite of his recent scare. He continues to make Jeep proud to have him as a brand ambassador, as he shows grace, grit, and skill time and time again.

At Ada Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, located at 1109 N Broadway Ave, we feel good about the fact that grace, grit, and skill are qualities associated with the Jeep brand and Jeep drivers. If they are important to you, come test drive a new Jeep today.

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